This is a list of currently known characters in the animated series Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

Main characters Edit


The monsters are the creatures Uncle Grandpa had to battle in the Cartoonstitute short. Below is the list of the known monsters. Please note it is incomplete. Media:Example.ogg

Festro: the Main monster and leader of the group he is purple with two large razor sharp fangs on his bottom jaw. He also has two little teeth. He also has strings of hair like dingle and kind of resembles a walrus

Gweelock: is a slimy green zit ball with pimples, human hands, big black bulgy eyes, big square yellow teeth, and wears two wrist watchers on his wrists. But he only has three fingers. He has some claws. He also does not have any legs.

Fart:A giant butt monster who is the largest of the group that has body with A shape of heart and wears two green belts with yellow hears on them. He is the only monster that is mature.

Slog:A odd looking fly like creature that has black fur, an orange T shirt, Red eyes, a large beak like noise. He has some claws

Dingle: A blue skinned dog like bat hybrid monster with strings of hair representing ears. He is much like a dog and speak bizarre gibberish.

Recurring charactersEdit

Bromanor - Bromanor is a female disgustoid who looks and sounds like a boy. She has one eye on her head similar to Mr. Krab's eyes and she is red. She has a black shirt that says PARTY on it and she has yellow hair. She is an antagonist to to disgustoids and her first apperance was when she was trying to take over Secret mountain Fort Awesome and steal all of their money and prized possesions and virtually everything they had fortunately thanks to the brains of Festro she was stopped and still did bad things to people later on.

Staff membersEdit

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