Smfa fart 174x252-1-
He is a guy made entirely out of butts and the biggest one is on his head which spreads its cheeks apart and together and makes small farting sounds as he talks. He has a butt on every part of his body except for the place where any normal persons utt should be. on his rear end. Much like The Devil, Fart goes by many names, he goes by The Fart, The Farts, Fart and Farts. He is the most responsable of the quintz. He always likes for things to be going easy and nice. In some of their episodes Fart usually dosent like whatever monkey shines the rest of them are up to and goes right against it telling them what severe consiquences they may face. But somehow he always gets dragged into them and plays along only to suffer exactally what he was afraid of. Luckily they always find a way out of there and fix everything.


  • Cartoon Network hate that character that way the series cancelled.